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Price: $9.99  

Learning to Design 

By Henry Potdevin 


Written in cartoon like style, this book is a bidimensional-tridimensional-design fun and easy course, entertaining, didactic as well as practical. Thought for any person, any age and any discipline, interested in a step-by-step-learning design method, starting from the most simple concepts up to the higher complexity degrees. 


This book is now available. NEW !!!

Fully illustrated with dozens of sketches, drawings and pictures.


Size: 300 x 18.5 mm (11.81 x 7.28 inches)

Pages: 170. File format: PDF.

File size: 15 mb   Printing: 1 allowed


This can be your "my first book of architectural design"; the fun book on architectural composition and design. Design for children ... of all ages; a visual treat.

Let's learn to read..... Architecture! Architecture is a visual language. For written language you need to learn the alphabet, vocabulary and all the other rules. This is a learning to read book...of the visual language of form and space. Architectural composition for everyone!


You will find elementary and fun exercises available to kids and adults. LePotdevin - Learning to Design is a spatial design manual; an easy and practical method.

You will learn the composition concepts fundamental theory.


Also, this is a very practical guide for teachers and students and even amateurs, beginners and, why not, specialists. If you want to learn about architecture, here is an introduction.

You have architecture images in front of you all the time but, can you read them? Now you will be able to understand what you see and even understand the architect. This is the code architects use.


If you already know some of it, this compilation can be very entertaining but also extremely interesting, specially for ex-functionalists. This book is like a mental maintenance and lubrication manual for architects and creatives. 


Be curious and take a look at these first basic notions about composition; the ABC of spatial composition. Here we have the basic operations and multiplication tables of architectural design. Even if you are just interested in the graphics and drawings

you will find this work extremely interesting and amusing. Be sure you will certainly learn, even if you just flip through its graphic contents.


Oh, and don't forget; this is also a great present for a child interested in the arts.                                        

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