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Guitar Accents




Learn to identify your favorite electric guitars when you listen to them perform. Each kind electric has an unique timbre that makes it different from any other model or brand. Enjoy learning how to pick out their sound characteristics and distinguish between a Gibson Les Paul, an SG, a Gretsch, a Mosrite, an Epiphone Casino, an ES-335, a Fender Strat or a Telecaster. 

Contains lots of pictures so you can also enjoy the classic lines and design details in these beautiful instruments. Examples are listed through popular song titles you can easily check and listen to actual guitars performing in the hands of original artists. 


Size 21.5 cm x 30 cm ( 8.5¨ x 12¨), Pages: 24. File format: PDF. File size: 4.86 mb   Printing: 1 allowed  




Find out what were the favorite guitars for famous guitarrists such as:

Guitarrists list:

Duanne Eddy, 

Nokie Edwards, 

Bob Bogle, 

Andy Summers, 

James Burton, 

Tony Peluso, 

George Harrison, 

John Lennon, 

Paul McCartney, 

Keith Richards, 

Ron Wood, 

Jeff Beck, 

Jimmy Page, 

John Fogerty, 

Peter Frampton, 

Marc Bolan, 

Jimi Hendrix, 

Franny Beacher, 

Danny Cedrone, 

B.B. King, 

John Lee Hooker, 

Eric Clapton, 

Tommy James, 

Arturo Astudillo, 

Albert Lee, 

Steve Cropper, 

Rodrigo Garcia, 

Marc Knopfler, 

Rob Sylar, 

Tom Scholz, 

Mick Box, 

Ken Hensley, 

Carl Wilson, 

Hank Marvin, 

Buddy Holly, 

David Gilmore, 

Miguel Mateos, 

Elliot Randall, 

Jeff Skunk Baxter, 

Gerry McGee, 

Roy Orbison, 

Chuck Berry, 

Gustavo Cerati, 

Chris Issac, 

Alvin Lee, 

Dave Davies, 

Roger McGuinn, 

Pete Townshend, 


Pete Ham, 

Mike Bruce, 

Glen Buxton 

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